Jacuzzi Boys - Glazin

holy shit this music video LABIA PUPPETRY

“Even the best critical writing on Emily Dickinson underestimates her. She is frightening. To come to her directly from Dante, Spenser, Blake, and Baudelaire is to find her sadomasochism obvious and flagrant. Birds, bees, and amputated hands are the dizzy stuff of this poetry. Dickinson is like the homosexual cultist draping himself in black leather and chains to bring the idea of masculinity into aggressive visibility.”
— Camille Paglia on Emily Dickinson

a charming illustration video f/ Slavoj Zizek on cultural capitalism

Pavement covering “The Killing Moon” by Echo & the Bunnymen 

Live from the Terror Twilight tour. @ Showbox in Seattle, WA - July 14, 1999 

Sometimes you show up to a party & the host is a re-animated corpse.

#staynegi #streetart

From that time last weekend that I walked through a part of town I had never seen in my hella years in Chicago, going from Old Irving Park to Andersonville, and felt like I was in some bizarro world small Midwestern town. #northpark #chicago #midwesterngothic

doing some #research and #reading today (at Harold Washington Library)

Sometimes you get to make weirdo performance art wif your best frand #looksfor2k14

oh look I found an art. #salad

whatever I’m bummed out so I guess that means dressing like a murderous hungover librarian or something idk #looksfor2k14 #slutever

#lavendermenace #chicago



Photographed by Kiam Marcelo Junio

this image was taken right at the beginning of the night, before things took some unexpected turns and wound up being one of the most intense performance experiences of my life.