I need to go the fuck to bed, I dunno what happening anymore… Btw I’m a phone sex worker, sooo that is the context of this in case you weren’t sure. 

for alicetookadrink, this is what I pictured when I first started talking calls. It’s like next to impossible not laugh and relax when you picture a chestburster asking to see some titties while he’s chillin outside the belly of some dead guy. 

But I’m a bit morbid. 

Oh my god



Age of Adolescence (Lincoln Park), 1960, Chicago. Joseph Sterling

if this is what Lincoln Park girls were like now I’d feel less unwelcome in that part of town. 

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A Community Gender Reading List



One of my contributors, Chrysanne Stathacos The Rose Mirror Mandala (of three reflections for HHDL)” in “The Temptation of AA Bronson”,Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of the best things about doing this blog is the conversation around it. Here is a wonderful reading list of gender-related goodies from friends and Facebookers internationally!  Some great stuff.

My awesome colleague, Jeff Abell, who always populates my FB page with both fun and serious items.  This is well worth a look: Rare Drag Photos from Kansas City in the 60s

From my Venezuelan colleague, Natalya Critchley—an artist I worked with in Caracas making a book in handmade paper and print called, Pore Awe. (Now on view in the Social Paper exhibition at Columbia College Chicago.)  A Spanish critique of JLo, Jennifer Lopez es la lideresa feminista que estábamos esperando

From my high school chum and compatriot who went rollerskating with me in the 80s, Kandice DeSoi Shirley: a feminist parody of the gender dynamics in the Disney film, Frozen

From another Columbia College Chicago colleague, Joan Giroux a woman samurai warrior and the ongoing work of The Representation Project, a powerful new voice in rethinking gender stereotypes.

And yet another wonderful Columbia colleague, Deborah Parr sent this one along, re-think pink: 14 Artworks That Prove Pink is Tough.

From new friend and Columbia College Chicago visiting artist, Chrysanne Stathacos, an incredibly pithy and important review of the (shitty) gender and race politics of the current Whitney Biennial. The Whitney Biennial for Angry Women

A truly loyal former student-now-colleague, Eden Ünülata. He keeps my box poppin’.

1. The invention of housewives as consumers, How Advertising Invented the Housewife

2. JbDubs: I Hate My Job, featuring a parody with men in heels and skivvies.

3. The story of England’s Early Queens, a series called She Wolves

4. The Oppressed Majority, a smart inversion of sexism crafted just for the perps, by Eleonore Pourriat

5. And Marina Abramovic, an artist for whom I have truly complicated feelings. The Marina Abramovic Retirement Fund of America

My oncologist, the amazing and ultracool Regina Stein turned me on to the Mongolian wrestling princess, Khutulun. Truly incredible stuff.

And I leave you with the ultimate in bizarre, coming my way from current Interdisciplinary Arts student, Sid Branca. I honestly don’t have words, just a lot of deep thoughts. The Islamic Sex Cult Supporting Turkey’s Prime Minister

Enjoy, my friends.

Hugs from the Gender Bender Defender

note to self: look at all the things on the post from Mel over at the Gender Assignment Tumblr

¡Vamos! killin’ it at Cobra Lounge opening for Andrew W.K. #partyhard #vamos #rocknroll (at Cobra Lounge)


I am a pitiful animal of desire. I want your dirt in my mouth.

and here, vertigo in all my—

I want to learn by feel the shape of all your injuries

assuage the fear that there would ever be an end to all this unremittant code, this indexing of wants. this lettering out of all desires need…

& some more words i wrote. about a very different thing. 


Brother, tell me, do you have bad dreams? Do you see them, the Furies and the angry gods? The ones whose voices worm their ways into your head? Sometimes I think the voice you hear must be Apollo. It shattered all your hearing else. He whispers to me, sometimes, late at night, sometimes, just…

i wrote some words & made some sounds if you wanna look / listen

“In this love you are like a knife with which I explore myself.”
— Franz Kafka, Letters To Milena  (via yeshecholwa)

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that feel when you actually can’t find someone you used to be internet friends with on the internet anymore except for an archived version of their old geocities site.

I am pretty sure we both changed our real-life names, but I can’t help a part of my brain from assuming he died in the late 2000s, when I stop being able to find online evidence of his existence. 



Shea Couleé


Shea is SLAYING in this photo shoot, damn.