Sometimes you just gotta FaceTime yourself and have a real candid sit-down about some shit. (My iPhone and I will be performing at the Neo-Futurarium tomorrow night before TML, come say hi.)

4:16 AM at Abbie Fest y’all. #bitchjam #abbiefest (at Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co.)

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West

Curious as to whose work this is; street art near Western & Iowa #chicago #streetart #skulls

Witches are ready for Fly Honey. (at Chopin Theatre)


Adrain Chesser’s The Return depicts a loosely banded tribe of people who move between Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon. Traveling with the seasons, the subjects of The Return use traditional hunter-gatherer skills along with knowledge of indigenous food crops to follow an ancient way of life known as “the Hoop.”

“The subjects in The Return are predominately not indigenous Native Americans. Most carry European ancestry, and most come in one form or another from the disenfranchised margins of mainstream America,” says White Eagle. “Most are poor, some are queer, some are transgendered, some are hermits, and some are politically radical. All believe that major shifts are needed in the way modern society interacts with the natural world. And all are willing pioneers, stepping off into uncertain terrain and searching for something lost generations ago.”

Chasing America’s Modern Nomads

Forgot I took this last week; I look super pissed but was actually very happy. #medea #selfie #latergram #texas #waco #heat

Lisa killin’ it with the beast skull look #downthespiral #skullz (at Berlin)

#muskox #looksfor2014 (at Berlin)

where I’m @ #skullface #creeping #intheclub (at Berlin)